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19 February 2017

Sunday Style!

This lady looks like a model because she is! She was on duty in a booth at a trade show. As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I was in Vegas during the week of February 5th, for an annual photography conference and trade show called WPPI. I haven't attended WPPI in a few years because I generally find it to be too hectic and I'm not a huge fan of Las Vegas, but Pat convinced me to go this time and I'm glad I acquiesced, so thanks Pat! The trade show was just as crazy as ever, but I enjoyed it. I always find it to be a great venue for people watching. Photographers tend to be a very stylish demographic -- I had fun seeking out and photographing the real stand outs. All but one of these pictures were taken with my cell phone. Apologies if they look a little crappy! I brought a real camera with me but barely used it. Enjoy these pictures of funky, stylish photographers in their natural habitat!
Meredith, from Brooklyn of course, the hippest place on earth. She's got style! Great hair and I loved her dress!
Head to toe coolness, but those red velvet low boots especially!
Okay so he's not an example of sartorial greatness -- baggy sweatpants and a too-small vest -- but this guy gets five points for expressing his thoughts on his clothes, DIY punk rock style! I happened to be in a sports bar at my hotel when the fourth quarter of the Superbowl went down. If you watched it, you know what happened. I took this at the beginning of the quarter, when Atlanta had a commanding lead. This poor bloke was all excited but by the end of the quarter I'm sure he was tearing his hair out and gnashing his teeth. Oh well, there's always next year, buddy!
Those red velvet boots again! Too cool for school!
This lady's name is Janie and I've misplaced her business card so I can't tell you what her photography studio is called, but I remember she's from the DC area. I love her edgy hair, eyeglasses and that cool jacket!
My good friend Dina's cute shoes, ombré tights and awesome Ted Baker purse (I want it!).
I had to convert this one to black and white because I took it in the worst possible light. This is Erika. I thought she was so cute, I begged her for a photo even in terrible light! Ha ha! She pulls off maternity clothes with panache! (At the end of a long day, she was beautiful, glowing and smiling, and I looked like a dishrag with crazy hair and feet like pancakes.)
For the life of me I can't remember this lady's name, but she's a successful photographer from the DC area and she had SO MUCH SASS! I loved her! We chatted briefly as I waited for the airport shuttle to come and pick me up. She's basically just wearing athletic clothes here, but she has so much attitude, she takes it to another level. Love the hair, too!

18 February 2017

Sin City

As promised yesterday, here's a nighttime view from my 21st floor hotel room in Las Vegas last week. I was there for a photography conference and didn't take any personal pictures, except for these. Oh and I took a few random shots of some very hip people, which you'll see in tomorrow's Sunday Style, so remember to come back for that!

17 February 2017

Skywatch Friday

I spent a few days last week in Las Vegas, not for fun but for work. There's a huge photography conference in Vegas every February called WPPI. I don't make a habit of attending, but this year I decided to go (it's been a few years) and I got a lot out of it. Here's the view from my hotel room on the 21st floor. I took this picture with my cell phone, not a real camera. I'm not a huge fan of Las Vegas -- it's just not my city -- but I have to admit that it's a fun place to photograph. Tomorrow I'll post a nighttime view from the same perspective.

For more Skywatch Friday images from bloggers all over the planet, click HERE. Have a great weekend!

16 February 2017


A view of the foothills and Pikes Peak from Vermijo and (I think) Sawatch, captured on January 16th. Can you see Pikes Peak? It's barely visible in the top right corner, behind the power lines. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that big circular thing is the Julie Penrose Fountain in America the Beautiful Park.

15 February 2017

Behind the times

A street scene captured on January 17th. This is Tejon Street between Pikes Peak and Colorado. I'm so behind the times -- when did Pikes Perk become The Perk Downtown? I never noticed!

14 February 2017

O'Brien Printing

I've always loved this cool old sign and have wanted to photograph it for years, but since the property owner by all accounts appears to be slightly crazy and armed, I always opted for personal safety instead! That is until yesterday, when Pat was behind the wheel as we happened to be driving past it. Since there was no traffic, I asked him to slow down so I could grab a picture.

The sign is located on 19th Street just north of the Uintah Gardens Shopping Center. The property is a huge mess, with waist high weeds and debris everywhere and a decrepit, abandoned building or two. The property owner, Glenn O'Brien, has taken advantage of lax city codes to let this parcel and others on the west side go ruin, much to the dismay of the neighbors. It's been like this for decades and nothing has been done. It's too bad. I think he should sell off all his properties. There's no use in keeping them if they're nothing but urban blight. In this hot market, he could make a killing and go retire in the Caribbean. I don't understand why he insists on the dismal, depressing and un-neighborly status quo.

13 February 2017

North Junior High School architectural details

Yesterday I had to drop by a friend's house to pick up a book, and I brought my camera with me in case some great photo op presented itself. As I was leaving her house I looked across the street, and there was my photo op! It's funny how you can see something in your own city a thousand times and never notice its individual beauty. I researched to try and find the year North was built, but can't find any info on it. My best guess is around 1900 to 1915 or so, same as the houses in that neighborhood. Along with the friend I visited yesterday, I have another friend who also lives a stone's throw away from the school. Both friends have kids that went to North, and Pat and I like to use the track there for walking or running, so it's not like I've never been around this school before. Yet it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed the ornate stonework and the Juliet balconies above the doors. I stopped to take a couple of pictures. I'll try and remember to take more this summer, when the grass is green, so you can see the entire building.

February 14, 2017 edit: Thanks to regular reader Kelly (see the comments on this post), I have learned that North first opened its doors to students on September 29, 1924, which makes it 93 years old. Thanks Kelly!