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26 June 2017

Bent's Old Fort (Part 1)

Yesterday Pat and I drove to the State Fairgrounds in Pueblo to go to a hot rod show, but we got there too late -- the show had ended! Since it was still early in the afternoon, we decided to go have an adventure. Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site is located outside of La Junta, about an hour or so east of Pueblo, and I've always wanted to go there, so off we went. Despite the word "fort" in its name, Bent's Old Fort was not a military outpost; it was built for and centered around the buffalo fur trade with American Indians, and it was a major stop on the historic Santa Fe Trail. It turned out to be a really cool place and a great history lesson to boot! I'm a sucker for any kind of local history, so this was right up my alley.

I took a lot of pictures, so I'll spread them out over three days here on the blog. If you live in the area and you're looking for a good day trip, I highly recommend visiting Bent's Old Fort. You'll enjoy it and you'll learn a lot!
These dried chili strings are called ristras.
The fort was built by William and Charles Bent and their business partner, Ceran St. Vrain, in 1833. The park's guides and docents dress in period garb and stay in character as much as possible.
I was a little startled to come across a peacock and peahen wandering around!
In fact there were lots of birds, actually.
There were also lots of authentic props and artifacts from the era. It's a very well restored and well-preserved site.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow!

25 June 2017

Sunday Style!

The other day I was out shopping at Chapel Hills Mall and couldn't help but notice all the off-the-shoulder tops and dresses on offer, everywhere I looked. I really like this trend! It reminds me of early 1940s fashions, and besides, shoulders and collarbones are sexy. The last couple of years it's been all about the midriff. I'm glad the focus is on my shoulders now because my midsection is not something I want to display! I'm also in love with all the deep ruffles I'm seeing everywhere. So girly! And again, so 1940s. It's my cup of tea!

24 June 2017

Monument Valley Park in summer

If you have a chance to get to Monument Valley Park this summer, you should, especially the demonstration garden. It's lovely and colorful and peaceful this time of year.

Can you see the bee in this photo?
This busy bee's legs are loaded up with pollen.
Enjoy your weekend!

23 June 2017

Skywatch Friday

Last week I went to Lakewood, part of the Denver metro area, to do some engagement portraits at Belmar Park and the Lakewood Heritage Center. I remember having done engagement portraits there before, some time ago, but it had been so long that I'd forgotten what a cool place it is! The Lakewood Heritage Center (right next to the park) is a museum dedicated to 20th century, historically Lakewood-specific artifacts. Part of their permanent collection includes several lovingly restored old buildings from the early to mid-twentieth century. I loooooove Mid-Century Modern, and if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how I feel about Art Déco -- I can't get enough! So it was a real treat to rediscover Belmar Park and do some portraits there. Between shots of my clients Melanie and Ben (which you can see HERE, if you're curious), I was able to get a few snaps of the buildings for you. One of these days I'll have to go back there when I'm not on a photography job and just enjoy all this great stuff.

For more Skywatch Friday pictures from bloggers everywhere, click HERE. Have a great weekend!
The white building in the background is a tiny old hotel. You can peer through the windows to see the rooms decorated in 1950s décor, including a cool old TV. In the foreground is an Art Déco era beauty shop with gorgeous, wrap-around glass brick. It's outstanding!
The small building on the right is a diner. Looking in the plate glass window, you can see the typical diner counter, complete with ketchup and mustard bottles, chrome stools, the whole nine yards. It's perfectly staged and looks exactly how you'd imagine an old diner would have looked in the 1940s. The Heritage Center has acquired another old diner, which has been placed across the street from these buildings (just outside the frame of this photo). It has yet to be restored but I can tell it's going to be the coolest thing ever once it's been spiffed up.
Another view of the hotel. There is apparently also an old barn and maybe even a farmhouse in the collection, but I wasn't able to photograph them. Next time!
The hotel sign does light up at night.
And last but not least, this silly goose, who fearlessly approached us at the lake and was clearly miffed when we didn't have snacks to offer him! If looks could kill! 😉

22 June 2017

Fake-bearded busker

I've been noticing this guy quite a lot lately downtown. He's usually sitting in the vicinity of Busy Corner, playing his guitar for tips. And for some reason he always wears the most obviously fake beard I've ever seen. Very strange indeed!

21 June 2017

P.S. Lounge

This cool sign is in Denver on Colfax Street. It's even better by night, as you can probably imagine. I just love the groovy font!

20 June 2017

My civic duty, or something like that

Last month I went to a public county commissioners meeting at Centennial Hall because they were discussing an issue that was important to me. I wouldn't say it was the most exciting experience I've had lately, but it was an interesting process. I did think to get a picture but then completely forgot to blog it until now! They guy at the podium is (I think) our county clerk. This is democracy in progress -- the nuts and bolts of our government, starting at the local level, and it's important to stay informed!